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Choose Office Desks That Suit Your Working Habits

by Jane Dabad

A piece of furniture that is very essential for all working environments is a desk. Not only does it improve the aesthetics of the place where you work, but it also can be of enormous help in increasing productivity and maintaining your health. You need to make the right choice of a desk, otherwise there is every chance that you will suffer problems connected with your physical health.

Most people spend a lot of time in their work spaces, and it is very essential that you enjoy working there and be proud of doing so. The main priority for a work space is a proper office chair that is comfortable, but equally important is the desk. Should it be one in which there are lots of cupboards and drawers, or one that fits well into a corner? Coupled with these questions is the material from which your desk should be made.

When you are looking for a desk that will last you throughout your working life, than oak wood desks that use solid oak timbers will be more than suitable. You can find these desks even in imitation wood, which are cheaper, but such desks will disappoint in the long run, because they do not look as good, and will also not perform as well.

Durability is the one factor that must determine your choice of desk or any other furniture, and this can easily be achieved when you chose a desk that has a solid wood frame of material that is reliable. While it is very important to ensure that the desk itself is durable and stable, equal importance must be given to the drawers in this desk. This can be done, if you pay attention to the joinery and ensure that it is all through the use of dovetail joints, which will indicate that the assembly of the desk has been done by skilled hands. Drawers constructed through this method will never buckle or collapse; events that could lead to drawer contents rolling out on the floor.

An office desk becomes very practical if it helps you to keep your files and stationery in an organized manner and close at hand. The very common use of computers has made it very necessary that a desk should be able to integrate this equipment into the working space on the desk. This requires the desk to have open shelving, slide out trays for keyboards and other cupboard areas that remain closed.

Many people make a mistake of not providing for sufficient space for the chair that is to be used while working on the desk. To ensure this, you need to consider the size of the chair, its likely movements and actions like rotation and tilting.

The chair and desk that is chosen for your work space must allow you to work in a position that is ergonomically healthy. This is the function that is more associated with the chair that must have provision for height adjustment and positioning of the lumbar region of the body, but the desk itself must have enough space so that you are comfortable while working, and can position the keyboard you are using so that it adjusts easily to your body shape. When you are not able to ensure this, it is more than likely that you will be prone to health problems that are a matter of poor posture and others like RSA.

When you have a restriction of space for office space, an oak desk that fits into a corner can be ideal for using the limited space available. Combine these with filing cabinets and other furniture pieces that complement the desk or put in additional desks all around the perimeter of the room. If you are working in the design industry and need to use a number of monitors, a corner desk can be very useful.

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