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Important Factors in Office Chair Design

The science of interaction between the human body and the environment around us. In the office it is the office chair we sit on, work-related conditions and work tools around our office. The office chair should mimic the movement of the body. Sitting in an office chair increases the compression of the disks in the lower spine by more than 55%. By sitting incorrectly in your chair, further increases this percentage. The office worker should use an office chair that supports and improves correct posture.

Synchronised Movement.
It allows the user of the office chair to select a fixed angle sitting position or a free floating recline. The seat automatically tilts while the backrest reclines, releasing pressure between the disks in your spine.

Seat Height Adjustment.
Gas height adjustment enables the user of the office chair to adjust the height in order to place their feet firmly on the floor. Placing the user’s feet firmly on the floor, knees bend at an angle of 90 degrees, allows the user to sit in the perfect prescribed position.

Waterfall Seat Front.
This helps blood reticulation and blood flow to the lower legs and feet and reduces pressure behind the knees.

Armrests on the office chair provides support to the forearms and elbows preventing tension in the shoulders and neck.

Providing the above, will ensure the return on your office chair investment is productivity.

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